Antique stone floor
Antique floor tiles for nostalgic souls
Nostalgic souls who prefer a stone floor over a wooden one can find historic floor tiles at Antiekbouw. Antiekbouw specialises in recycling old and rustic building materials. Our stone floors are available in a wide range of dimensions, colours and materials.
Rustic floors from historic buildings and castles
Antique French floor tiles such as Burgundy tiles give your interior that special touch. These floor tiles are multifunctional. They are suitable for floor heating.
The Provençal terracotta floor has been used for centuries in homes in southern countries such as France and Italy. With their warm beige to dark brown or fiery earth tones these stone floors radiate a warm atmosphere. These tiles are resistant to scratches and stains. They are suitable for cottage kitchens, rustic bathrooms and hallways. A unique feature are our historic flagstones and we recover them from old homes, farms and castles. These natural stone floor tiles are often hand-crafted with local patterns and will certainly please the nostalgic-minded.
Expert advice for all your antique floor projects
Turn your home into the paradise of your dream and don’t save on your floor. Integrate the floor stones into the style of your decoration. Do not hesitate to ask for professional advice. Visit our showroom and be surprised by the endless combinations with different antique stone floor tiles. From simple to intricate patterns such as mosaics, from monochrome to combinations of colours or contrasts. Anything goes at Antiekbouw.