Convent and abbey floors Functional wooden floors after the example of medieval convents Convent floors are a class of their own in the world of wooden floors. An abbey floor is a wooden floor with a simple and peaceful look, mainly used for large spaces. Abbey floors can often be found in museums, restaurants, pubs and larger buildings although they would also look good in your home. Simple wooden floors for large areas (living room, drawing room) Convent floors are made of highly durable oak or an equivalent hard type of wood and they are of guaranteed good quality. In spite of their simple looks with only few knots, they have a rustic and warm atmosphere. The thick, massive wooden floorboards are usually nailed on a wooden support. The underground provides the necessary stability. When they are installed in that way, abbey floors will hardly crack when walked on. That is why these old floors are extremely suitable for large surfaces. Very solid and utterly suitable for your home Thanks to these traditional methods, Antiekbouw delivers and installs your wooden convent floors completely custom-made, with a medieval look. The aged floor parts are treated in the chosen base colour. They are protected with water-resistant wax. Abbey floors are strong and solid, and provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Contact Antiekbouw for a proposal for living room, kitchen, bedrooms and/or hallway.