Modern design kitchen Design kitchen with rustic elements A modern design kitchen can be combined with any style of house: classic, cottage or a vicarage-style house. It is important to ask for specialist advice in order to obtain a harmonious result.  Entering the new cooking area should not feel like coming into a completely different house.

Antique materials A contemporary living kitchen does not necessarily imply cold or contemporary pieces of furniture. You can combine these with rustic building materials to create a timeless atmosphere. Combine modern design with antique stone floors, ceilings, cupboards or sinks. Are you looking for recycled building materials in order to inject some nostalgia into your living area? Then you have come to the right address! We have a wide range of materials in stock that are suitable for every kitchen. We can give you expert advice on how to integrate a rustic look and feel into your modern design kitchen. Feel free to contact us for more information.