Antique aged front doors Antiekbouw ... give your home a soul Antique building materials are very popular these days and bring renovated farms and old cottages back to life. A beautiful façade deserves a characteristic front door. Front doors tell a story about the inhabitants of the home. If you love the cottage style, you will love our rustic front doors. A rustic hallway with matching ornaments Antiekbouw offers a wide range of front doors. Our old doors are made of high quality, antique recycled building materials and they ooze a specific atmosphere. If you opt for an English or French natural style, Antiekbouw certainly has everything you are looking for. Our massive front doors come with stained-glass windows, different types of panels and insulating glass, cast iron lattice windows or bronze ornaments.  Enjoy Antiekbouw’s professional approach for the rest of your life Do you long for the charms of a nostalgic past? Then give your contemporary, modern home an antique touch. Opt for the old and rustic building materials of Antiekbouw. Feel free to visit our showroom. In addition to our wide range of nostalgic bathrooms and fixtures, cottage kitchens, convent and abbey floors, natural stone floor and wall tiles, mantelpieces in pierre de France and many other authentic finishings, you will certainly find the rustic front door of your dreams.

Authentic wooden front door – interior doors Original doors with a touch of nostalgia Authentic building materials are very popular these days. Not only for renovation purposes but also to embellish new houses. In addition to antique stone floors and cottage kitchens, people often opt for a wooden rustic front door or interior doors. Antiekbouw is specialised in recycled materials originating from southern, French and English estates. Antique wooden front doors give your façade a special touch. They are available with or without ornaments such as stained-glass windows, insulated windows or cast iron latticework.  The authentic doors give your house a stylish and rustic look. Old oak interior doors with their specific grain structure or massive pine interior doors with visible knots and growth rings can easily be combined with modern or classic furniture, floors and mantelpieces. Do you want to keep the old doors when renovating your home? Have them treated with lye or stripped. You will be amazed at the result! Are you a nostalgic soul? Then you’ve come to the right address. Whether you are looking for a front door, wooden interior doors, a rustic bluestone worktop for your kitchen, a cast iron bathtub on legs, Burgundy tiles for your entrance hall or a marble mantelpiece; Antiekbouw has everything you are looking for in old and rustic building materials. Contact Antiekbouw and make your nostalgic dream come true.