Glass doors
Authentic glass doors, custom-made
Glass doors give your interior a striking look. Antiekbouw supplies door with integrated windows or decorated with glass. For a very rustic effect, there are authentic wooden front doors and interior doors with an incorporated counter. The rustic wooden doors with stained-glass windows can be completely customized with a wide range of glass elements. If you prefer design, go for glass doors with a very specific look. Massive, pine interior doors with randomly arranged posts, thresholds, rods and panels are real eye-catchers.
Customized glasswork and wonderfully adjusted door ornaments
Antiekbouw also has old oak interior doors that can be finished off using clear or matte glass. The distribution of rods is completely customized.  All glass doors have been finished with matching antique door knobs and hinges. For heavy front doors, opt for cast iron locks and keys, just like in a castle.
Opt for a glass view of the horizon, glass creates space and view
Glass doors give your home a different style. Ask for our expert advice so you won’t regret your choices on the long ron. Antiekbouw can help you with that. Thanks to our knowhow and many years of experience in the recycling of old and rustic building materials, we deliver and install the most beautiful antique interior and front doors with glass.
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