Rustic wooden doors Renovation using antique building materials When renovating an old cottage or farm, you need rustic building materials. You might be looking for antique doors, rustic old floors, a romantic cast iron bathtub on legs, a cottage kitchen or a marble mantelpiece. Antiekbouw specialises in the recovery of old and rustic building materials. You will certainly find something to your taste. A stylish cottage? Go for antique doors When renovating your house, wooden materials yield the best results. Antiekbouw offers a wide range of front and interior doors. Old oak interior doors have a specific grain structure and are very popular for renovated cottages. Feel free to combine them with classic or design furniture. Massive pine doors with their visible knots and growth rings are used for a natural look. Our oak and pine interior doors can be delivered with or without windows. Simple or fanciful glass doors determine a rustic or design atmosphere. If you choose an authentic wooden front door, we can treat it with lye or strip it for you. We can give your doors a new life. All our antique front doors and interior doors come with the fitting door handles, hinges and escutcheons of your choice. A wide range of antique materials to get started Turn your home into a gem and use Antiekbouw’s wooden doors. Our doors are made with fitted panels, doorposts, rods, thresholds, architraves, glass and/or stained-glass windows. They are stylishly finished with appropriate garnishing. Would you like some more information or do you feel like browsing our wide range of antique materials? Contact Antiekbouw.

Old oak interior doors Oak, for an old and rustic feel as well as a modern design touch Oak is not only well-known because of its strong, hard and robust characteristics but also because of its rustic look. This type of wood is relatively easy to process. That makes it very suitable for use in wonderful interior doors or wooden floors. Whether you choose old retro or contemporary design, Antiekbouw makes you the most beautiful oak doors that are a perfect match with the charm of your home. From pale, natural oak to old, antique oak In its natural state, oak is almost white in colour. Exposure to air changes this colour to cream. But Antiekbouw also sells darker doors. By treating the wood, it gets an older, more antique look and feel that matches your rustic bathroom furniture. French summer oak is the most well-known type of oak. It is very popular because of its beautiful structure. Yet, this type of oak is rare and hence expensive. It is often replaced by other types, such as Slavonic, Japanese or American oak. Rely on Antiekbouw for your rustic doors Oak is an extremely solid wood with a warm character. The grain is immediately visible and gives your home a personal touch.  Giving new or aged wood an antique treatment is Antiekbouw’s specialty. We supply quality, a professional attitude and service when helping you choose your oak interior doors. We provide functionality, durability, atmosphere and reliability in our massive pine interior doors, glass doors or oak doors. Contact Antiekbouw about possible treatments for existing aged doors or the installation of new interior doors.

Massive pine interior door Pine for life Pinewood comes from the Scots pine. This is the most common type of wood in Flanders. Massive pine is a versatile wood material which fits any interior. Antiekbouw offers a wide range of pinewood interior doors, suitable for any style or taste in homes. The solid quality, the different possibilities and the guaranteed professional approach at Antiekbouw guarantee a lifelong enjoyment. Opt for a personal style with a rock-solid price-quality ratio Untreated pine is characterised by its pale wood colour, interspersed with knots and growth rings. Massive doors create a warm and cosy interior. Thanks to its good price-quality ratio, a massive rustic pine interior door is very popular. Your interior door is delivered and installed with matching door posts. We also have glass doors in pinewood. At Antiekbouw, you can choose freely from many different types of profiles, hinges, knobs and locks for your doors. Feel free to contact us for more information.