Old floors
Dreaming of antique building materials of days gone by
We all sometimes long for the reliability and splendour of recycled building materials from days gone by. More and more we buy and renovate old farms instead of constructing new houses. This romantic legacy comes with rustic floor tiles such as antique stone floors, aged wooden floors, simple convent or abbey floors, natural stone floor and wall tiles, floors with bluestone tiles, Provençal terracotta floor tiles or old French Burgundy tiles.
Recycling antique materials for your renovation project
Antiekbouw makes your dreams come true. We deliver and install different types of antique floors, always with a decent price/quality ratio. We demolish derelict houses, convents, churches, castles and estates and recover all valuable building materials. We renovate them to give these aged materials a brand-new look and feel, which makes them suitable for your renovation project. Through the centuries, these old and rustic building materials preserve their solidity and authenticity. They give your house the pleasant, warm atmosphere you dream of!
Visit Antiekbouw’s showroom and your dreams become true
 Feel free to come and visit our showroom. You will find a presentation of our old floor tiles in addition to our rustic wooden doors, our old oak interior doors and antique front doors, beautiful custom-made kitchens, bluestone kitchen worktops, everything for your bathroom, including rustic bathroom furniture as well as marble mantelpieces and cast iron radiators, ...
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