Wooden floor
Aged, not worn-out
A wooden floor feels warmer than an antique stone floor with natural stone or bluestone tiles. A wooden floor fits most interiors. Antiekbouw recovers old and rustic building materials from demolished historic homes and mansions that have withstood the ravages of time. The wood is restored skilfully and preserves its reliability and strength.
Wide range of custom-made antique wooden floors
Our longwearing wooden floors come in different sizes  Please come and visit our showroom. We can organise the wood in different patterns, depending on your choice. In addition to the classic herringbone pattern we can also recommend a longitudinal motif.  Broad and narrow rows alternate which creates a very natural look. An old oak floor, possibly with a large number of knots, provides a warm atmosphere. These floors can be glued to an lower layer but they are equally suitable as a floating floor, nailed to a wooden lattice.   Both methods guarantee excellent stability and a life-long enjoyment of your floor.
Old antique floors are aged but they keep their rustic and romantic character. And that is exactly what you will get when you come and choose a wooden floor at Antiekbouw. Thanks to our expert advice, delivery and installation your nostalgic dreams will come true.
Do not hesitate any longer and contact Antiekbouw.