Custom made kitchens
Custom made kitchens are often somewhat more expensive than standard store bought kitchens, but they do provide optimal use of space. Would you like a custom made kitchen that perfectly fits your house? Antiekbouw has everything for a rural, a classic or a modern design kitchen. Together with you, we provide a design and expert advice, no strings attached.
Advantages of a custom-made kitchen
• The available space can be used in an optimal way, for example by using corner cabinets
• The work tops can be installed at any desired height
• Modern design elements can be combined with antique and rustic building materials
• The kitchen can be furnished according to your wishes
Customized outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. When you install an outdoor kitchen, you can transfer all cooking activities outside.
Quickly contact Antiekbouw and choose the custom made kitchen of your dreams!
Modern design kitchen
Design kitchen with rustic elements
A modern design kitchen can be combined with any style of house: classic, cottage or a vicarage-style house. It is important to ask for specialist advice in order to obtain a harmonious result.  Entering the new cooking area should not feel like coming into a completely different house.
Antique materials
A contemporary living kitchen does not necessarily imply cold or contemporary pieces of furniture. You can combine these with rustic building materials to create a timeless atmosphere. Combine modern design with antique stone floors, ceilings, cupboards or sinks.
Are you looking for recycled building materials in order to inject some nostalgia into your living area? Then you have come to the right address! We have a wide range of materials in stock that are suitable for every kitchen. We can give you expert advice on how to integrate a rustic look and feel into your modern design kitchen.
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Cottage kitchen
Back to nature with a hint of nostalgia to the good old days with a cottage kitchen! Are you looking for a custom made kitchen with a rustic and romantic feel, where comfort and ergonomics are equal to those of a modern design kitchen? The stove could have an authentic look, for example, whereas it is still a modern appliance with all the necessary technological novelties.
Natural stone and wood are typical of country kitchens. You could for example opt for natural stone floor tiles or a wooden floor. These rustic building materials give a natural and peaceful atmosphere. Finishings are of great importance here.
Cottage style: characteristics
• Pale colours for furniture, especially the cupboards
• Cabinet doors with patterns
• Black and white contrast
• Use of wicker baskets
• A particularly cosy atmosphere
Antiekbouw is your partner for all recycled building materials. Make your selection from our wide range and give your cottage kitchen just that little extra something!
Outdoor kitchens
Feel like cooking up a storm in the healthy outdoors? Go for an outdoor kitchen! These days, a garden is a place where we can enjoy a wonderful dinner in the company of family of friends. Originally, the barbecue was very popular but this has evolved into a valuable cooking zone outside the house.
Advantages of outdoor kitchens
• There is more space on and around the barbecue
• You can enjoy the fresh air
• Everything is within reach
• Cooking becomes a social event
• The cook is no longer isolated 
Rustic elements in outdoor kitchens
Would you like your outdoor kitchen to have a rural style? Antiekbouw has many suitable antique materials. Integrate old and rustic building materials for the perfect atmosphere. Other possibilities are antique floors, bluestone worktops, ...
Antiekbouw has many years of experience in installing outdoor kitchens. Come and have a look at our wide range and create the timeless outdoor kitchen of your dreams!