Natural stone mantelpieces and fireplace surrounds An antique natural stone mantelpiece for cosy nights by the fireplace Nothing is cosier than sitting in front of an open fire at night. An antique mantelpiece would become the showpiece of your living room. Antiekbouw is the specialist par excellence in the recovery of old and rustic building materials. Antiekbouw sells beautiful mantelpieces that were retrieved from old castles and mansions. We carefully and skilfully restore them in our own workshop. Natural stone, a timeless choice for a cosy interior When you decide to embellish your interior with an attractive fireplace, it is important to find the appropriate mantelpiece. Mantelpieces are usually associated with castles. Authentic natural stone mantelpieces give a robust impression. Yet, combined with a wooden floor, they create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. Especially the stylish, antique French mantelpieces are very popular. We offer a choice from all kinds of marble mantelpieces, mantelpieces in Pierre de France or other types of natural stone such as granite or bluestone. Finish off your mantelpiece with a decorative cast iron fireplace surround Antiekbouw also offers a wonderful collection of historic cast iron and bronze fireplace surrounds to enhance the look of your mantelpiece. Fireplace surrounds used to be a luxury, only affordable for royalty and nobility. Hence, these decorative surrounds are often decorated with weapons and coats of arms in addition to classic or natural scenes. Fireplace surrounds protect the back wall of the chimney against bursting or chipping under the influence of the heat of the fireplace. A cast iron surround absorbs the heat of the fireplace and gives it off in the living room. Fireplace surrounds increase the efficiency of a fireplace by 50%. Thicker surrounds provide for a longer and softer radiation of heat. If you need additional heating in your living room, you could opt for an antique cast iron radiator. Feel free to contact Antiekbouw, we have everything you are looking for.

Marble mantelpiece A marble mantelpiece for an attractive interior A beautiful marble period mantelpiece fits a cottage as well as a modern design home. Antiekbouw offers natural stone mantelpieces in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a simple, monochrome polished marble chimney to a rustic mantelpiece adorned with sculptures and gold ornaments.  Our antique mantelpieces were hand-carved by artisans. We carefully restored and polished them. We aim to give these aged mantelpieces an authentic, rustic look. The natural charm of marble with its typical veins Marble comes in the most unthinkable colours, including natural white, sandy beige, light to dark grey and black. And how about a beautiful, light pink marble mantelpiece? Pink marble is the most noble and the most precious type of marble. Marble is characterised by its typical imperfections such as white or gold dots or specks, fossils and veins. Sometimes, the material also contains water veins or small holes, caused by years of erosion from running water or air bubbles. Water veins or rupture lines sometimes create the impression the marble has burst. But that is the charm of true marble. The purer and more monochrome the colour, the more expensive of course. The most pure pink marble has virtually no veins at all and is very smooth in structure. A mantelpiece to warm your soul Come and visit our showroom and let the charm of our polished natural stone seduce you. In addition to marble mantelpieces, we also sell typical French mantelpieces in Pierre de France, a solid yet charming limestone. Our range also includes fitting decorative surrounds that absorb and give off the heat of your fireplace. And why not complement your room with a suitable cast iron radiator? Contact Antiekbouw, we have the most beautiful mantelpieces that will warm your soul. Pierre de France mantelpieces French stone mantelpieces catch the eye When you enter our showroom, you will immediately feel enchanted by our wide range of old and rustic building materials. Among the natural stone mantelpieces and fireplace surrounds, the unique French stone mantelpieces will catch your eye. These antique showpieces date back to the Renaissance or the ornamental baroque period. Or how about a Louis XIV mantelpiece in your living room? Opt for this typically French sandstone with its natural, fossil structure Pierre de France is a very typical French sandstone that was used for hand-carved mantelpieces. They are old but we have restored them completely, especially for you. They may look like new, but they have lost nothing of their rustic character. French mantelpieces create a special atmosphere that is a must for an attractive, rustic interior. Pierre de France has a structure full of very specific irregularities. French stone can contain fossils, iron ore, quartz and loam particles; its structure can show light veins and layers. After they have been polished, these antique mantelpieces regain their authentic look and feel. A decorative cast iron fireplace surround makes more efficient use of the heat of your fireplace. Combine antique elements and turn your home into a cosy nest Combined with an old wooden floor, e.g. a convent or abbey floor, your home interior looks warm and attractive. Matching rustic wooden doors or glass doors complete your decoration. And how about a cast iron radiator for additional heating?