Old and rustic building materials Create a nostalgic atmosphere with rustic accents Antique building materials are very popular nowadays. Not only in renovated cottages but also in modern and contemporary houses we love to add nostalgic accents. Antiekbouw specialises in the recovery of historic materials from old houses and mansions. After they have been repaired and restored, they regain their aged and rustic character. They give your house a warm and stylish atmosphere. Harmonious combination of contemporary design and rustic building elements A harmonious combination of modern and antique building materials yields a very special result. At Antiekbouw, you can browse a wide range of rustic elements for your whole house. An antique front door leads the way. An old antique stone floor in the hallway brings you through the old oak interior doors to the living room. Immediately, you notice a stately marble mantelpiece which contrasts with a wooden floor. In your modern design kitchen you prepare delicious treats on a kitchen worktop in bluestone or natural stone.  For the bathroom, you can play with a modern design washbasin, a romantic cast iron bathtub on lion’s legs and rustic bathroom furnishings. Antiekbouw has a heart for traditional materials Anything goes at Antiekbouw. The historic building materials are restored according to traditional methods. They are delivered and installed at your home by our professional expert team. Soon you can enjoy your wonderful interior with nostalgic accents from the past. But awake from your dreams and call Antiekbouw. We provide the interior of your dreams, with heart and soul