Cast iron radiators
The heat absorbing capacities of good old cast iron
Cast iron has the unique capacity to absorb heat and to give it off slowly yet efficiently to its surroundings. How often do we make the remark that they used to make far better materials than they do now? Not a century ago, radiators were made of sturdy cast iron. When you are looking for that type of radiator, you have come to the right address at Antiekbouw. We specialise in the recovery of old and rustic building materials and our collection is full of little gems.
Decorative cast iron showpieces for a self-willed interior
Radiators used to be actual showpieces. They were not only used to heat up the home, they were also considered an ornament. Radiators were designed as carefully as pieces of furniture. Certain radiators for bathrooms are equipped with small drawers and cabinets to heat up your towels. Others were embellished with drawings or letters to give them a more personal touch. Usually, they are on legs so they are easy to move.
Come and visit our showrooms filled with antiquities for your home
When you are looking for antique radiators, you should really come and visit our showroom. You will certainly find what you are looking for. A rustic radiator will form the perfect match for your cast iron tub in your nostalgic cottage bathroom. Still looking for other antiquities? Make a day of it. Antiekbouw is a true wonderland for lovers of antique materials. You will find authentic wooden interior doors, rustic bathroom furniture, cottage kitchens, antique stone floors, natural stone mantelpieces and fireplace surrounds, ...
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