Recycled building materials - Antiekbouw

Antiekbouw specialises in recycling historic materials for the success your housing project
Antiekbouw, founded in Ieper by Karl Staelens, offers old and rustic building materials. These have been recovered and collected from historic buildings and houses; Through the years, we have become a leading company, specialising in recovered building materials such as antique stone floors, old tiling and flagstones, all types of wooden floors, rustic wooden doors for use inside and outside, chimneys in natural stone and fireplace surrounds.
Visit our showroom and experience the harmony between modern functionality and the stylish charm of the past 
As a specialist in the recovery of historic building materials, our founder can provide expert and technical advice on the different types of wood for floors and doors and natural stone floors and tiling, ach with their own specific possibilities.
Visit us to experience the atmosphere of our broad range of rustic building materials. Come spend a day in our outside area of 10,000 sq.m. and our 1,500 sq.m. hangar. You can browse our authentic wood front doors and interior doors, our stately portals, impressive antique front doors, different types of floor tiles including bluestone tiles, Burgundy tiles and Provençal terracotta stones. Admire our wooden refectory floors and abbey floors, rustic bathroom furnishings, decorative mantelpieces and antique chimney breasts in Pierre de France, cast iron radiators and raised bathtubs , ... Antiekbouw offers a unique combination between retro and design. For your customized kitchen or modern design bathroom, we can create a perfect harmony between extremely modern functions and the stylish charm of the past.
Antiekbouw: Recovery of historic materials and meticulous installation
Count on the artisan expertise of Antiekbouw's professional team for the professional and harmonious installation of the elements of your choice. In addition to our careful recovery of materials, we can guarantee first-class details and a professional finishing touch.
Please feel free to visit us at any time. You can contact us with your questions and plans.