Treating doors with lye / stripping
Would you like to give your old door or piece of furniture a make-over?
Treating rustic doors with lye or stripping them is very popular nowadays. That makes sense, since an aged door is not always worn out. Antiekbouw has a passion for old and rustic building materials and carefully applies the lye treatment. Antiekbouw combines skill with a professional attitude!
How is wood treated with lye?
Stripping is done with chemical products that solve paints and varnishes. This treatment does not damage the wood or glue. A lye treatment is possible on paint or varnish, often a lye bath is used. We submerge an old piece of furniture in a bath, thus removing all the paint or varnish.
Stripping doors with lye
Antique and rustic wooden doors from old houses are often treated with lye. That yields better results than sanding. After being stripped, they regain their natural colour. They can easily be painted or varnished afterward.
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